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Golden retrievers have an instinctive partialness to being in the water. If there is water around, they will want to be in it. This makes bath time for a golden retriever easier than most dogs, but also allows for them to get dirty and wet more often.

Golden retrievers need a lot of attention of else they will actually get sad and lonely. The are very social dogs and need interaction with people or other dogs frequently.


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5 Responses to “New Born Golden Retriever Puppies”

  1. CoasterChick22 says:

    the mom playing with her puppy is priceless.

  2. CoasterChick22 says:

    omg too cute so you dont know the breeder name?

  3. rzorNvme says:

    Do this types of dogs like to run

  4. MIstGaming2489 says:

    What kind of soul less person disliked?

  5. PandaBaby51 says:


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