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I just love what I have read “A dog is a man’s best friend.” That’s how the saying goes. Here’s how the saying SHOULD go. A dog is a man’s friend, but a Golden Retriever dog is a man’s best friend.” If you want to have a perfect dog – be a perfect owner as well. Be a good owner to them so he will give back the love that you are showing to him. Golden Retriever are easy to love and train so take advantage on it.

Cutest interaction of 2 month old puppy and 8 month old girl. To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts. Golden Retriever puppy loving baby.

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5 Responses to “A Golden Retriever Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend”

  1. Catherine Knauber says:

    To all the people that are saying that the puppy is too young for the baby
    and the baby might get hurt… SO WHAT?!? The puppy was excited but was it
    jumping on the kid? Did it knock the kid down? Did it scratch at the kid?
    NO. The kid was being supervised it was obvious the 2 had been together
    before. BTW kids get hurt, that’s part of being a kid. Kids belong with
    dogs, and dogs with kids, hello mans best friend?

  2. Ella's World says:

    Thanks for clearing that one up 😉

  3. Ella's World says:

    Hey Kathleen. Thanks for your comment. In this video you will see the dog
    she actually lives with. “Squeeky toddler playing Tug of War with her dog”
    – you can click on the Video Comment above to see it. The retriever puppy
    in the first video was from a hotel lobby.

  4. Gee Wardle says:

    14 people actually took the time to press the dislike button. . How can you
    dislike this video? My God there’s some miserable gits in this world!!

  5. Simona AN says:

    Studies have shown that growing up with a doggy playmate can prevent a
    child from developing asthma. Plus, puppies and babies make really cute
    videos together.

    *Read more:*

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