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Golden Retrievers are definitely amazing and special; it’s not surprising my family also thinks they are the very best-☺ This is a cute video; I love the costumes, the music and the editing.

Parker & Daisy star in this cute little love story. Be sure to follow them on ParkerPup.com & their Facebook Fan Page.

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5 Responses to “A Golden Retriever Love Story”

  1. Meagan Richards says:

    Lové it

  2. hr0110509 says:

    Very very cute.

  3. Chloe Manning says:

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  4. teacheresq1 says:

    Love this! I know how much time and joy went into it. Our Golden Boy, Nugget, is the joy of our lives. At age almost-7, he is truly the perfect dog. We cherish every moment and make sure our lives center on him. An angel here on earth. Thank you for your video!

  5. anditspaganpoetry says:


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