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If you are into jogging or bicycle riding, this is your chance to get some exercise together, but make sure your pet is on leash. Another activity you may try is playing fetch. This breed loves retrieving things and can get a good workout from it. At a minimum, take him for one or two long walks every day.

The Golden Retriever is a moderately active dog. Provide him with plenty of exercise, including running off leash in a safe place. If your yard is not fenced, consider getting an electronic dog fencing. There are a lot of systems that are cheap (a lot cheaper than a physical fence), easy to install and will keep your pet well protected.

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  1. ricardosanchezl says:

    esta manuela se me ase conocida..IYKWIM

  2. khidamis10 says:

    es cierto pero debe cobrar esta vida y la otra jaja

  3. kevin007sly says:

    ME PODRIAS DECIR CUAL ES EL COLOR DE TU PERO… se que GOLDEN pero no se que mas??????

  4. pablofrentzen says:

    yo no entiendo porque les enseñan cosas en ingles. ni que el perro entendiera… jajajajaja….. a mi golden uno la señala con el dedo o se le dice ¡galleta!! y se sienta.

  5. VAYPERT CLUD says:

    esto es una copia del encantador de perros es este una porqueria cesar millan gana no lo pueden imitar OK BRUTOS JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA .

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