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They are easygoing and affectionate, and as long as you give them enough attention and affection, can usually be integrated into the family with a minimum of fuss.

Golden Retrievers have wonderful temperaments and make fantastic family pets. If you are thinking about bringing a new puppy or dog into your life, here is some  information to get you started.

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  1. Vodaph0ne says:

    No not really to say the least. The fact more people liked my comment then disliked it, plus the fact no liked your comment is kind of proof of that

  2. Scot Johnson says:

    How did more than 1,500 people dislike this video? There is nothing much cuter than a golden retriever.

  3. Brittany Pickering says:

    I can’t even handle !!! It’s too adorable!!!

  4. dawholenine says:

    ur laugh is hideous

  5. susbikram1 says:

    One of the best videos ever made . Bold, inspiring .two thumps way up!!!!!!

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