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WOW that’s a good trick to pray; the dog’s face is very white however she is so lovely.  I want more Golden Retriever videos.

Bailey is a 7-year-old golden retriever who has been performing these tricks since she was just a puppy. Highlights include begging, praying, speaking/barking, rolling over, spinning, playing dead, and putting her toys away.

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5 Responses to “Bailey’s Golden Retriever Tricks”

  1. Telaya White says:

    its one of the less common coats of a golden retriever and thats how they sort of look when they get old

  2. Telaya White says:

    wow thats a good trick to pray!

  3. RatLove1010 says:

    How do you do pray like that?! CUTE!!

  4. RatLove1010 says:

    @MultiTommie It is, just darker and older. Pure bred it looks like too.

  5. mycutepuppies8 says:

    a old golden retriever’s face is white but a 5 or 6 years golden retriever’s face is also white

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