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The best brush to use is called a porcupine brush.   It has both bristles and tips and does an excellent job to keep the coat healthy and shiny, allowing for distribution of natural oils to be spread evenly on the hairs…it keeps them shiny and prevents breakage.

One important Golden Retriever fact is that they have thick double coats. They will have 2 heavy, noticeable sheds 2 times per year.  Aside from that, they will slowly shed throughout the entire year. This does not mean that your home needs to be covered in hair!  Simply brushing him or her every other day will pull out dead hairs … every day during heavy shedding times will be optimal.

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5 Responses to “Beautify Your Golden Retriever Regularly”

  1. skmshawn says:

    NEVER EVER do that do a golden or any double coated dog

  2. oneliltiger says:

    Hahahaha I mean you can tell me that all you want, but my dog showers me with affection after I cut it, literally following me around with happy eyes, and she visibly pants less in the heat after running around.

    Sure hair is natural, but you don’t see me leaving my long hair down in the summer, instead of pulling it into a ponytail to help the heat.

    Seriously though my retriever is happy, she looks great after I groom her, and she likes to walk around all prissy afterwards. Haha

  3. BBGoldens1 says:

    The Golden Retrievers coat should never be cut/shaved. Their undercoat keeps them warm in the winter and their summer undercoat traps air to keep them cool in hot weather. You’re interupting this natural process by cutting their coat. It is NOT cooler for her in the hot weather. I’m a groomer and have owned 9 Goldens – 3 right now. Please do research before cutting into double coated dogs.

  4. oneliltiger says:

    I totally hand cut almost all the hair to about 1 inch long.
    The super long hair of a retriever is just too messy and dry and it picks up dirt. I call it a summer cut and she looks super cute with it. It’s easier to maintain and it’s cooler for her since we are in the south.

  5. TheGo2video says:

    A Really Great video on dog grooming tips go here yupurl dot com /d5a7t4

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