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HAHAHA  This video has been called many things.  Funny though – they have their moments though, like all friendships.

Arlo, a golden retriever pup, and Rosie, a tabby cat, deeply in love (well kind of, somewhat unrequited as far as Rosie is concerned!)

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5 Responses to “Cat Loves Cutest Golden Retriever Dog”

  1. bokalarm1 says:

    Haha cool

  2. markviman says:

    That cat is purring loudly, so it must be very happy with the new friend

  3. oneproud mum says:

    how lovely

  4. Miwa493 says:

    what kind of cat do you have?

  5. tjordanmsw says:

    what a beautiful video. your cat just adores your dog. i love it! i can’t believe anyone would write a negative comment. shame on them.

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