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Training tips where we can get important information about Golden Retrievers and any dog having a problem with house training.  This video makes a very good point and explains a little known method of house training.  Share with your friends so that they too can benefit from this training tip.

Reality Puppy Training! Follow me as I train my Golden Retriever in obedience, some bird hunting moves and maybe even a trick or two. I’ll be filming the good, the bad and the ugly so tune in if you’re looking for some free puppy training tips.

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5 Responses to “Crate Training Your Puppy”

  1. katy heatherly says:

    … and turn around and lay down… if the crate is any bigger than that they will think they can use the bathroom at one end and hang out in the other end. If the crate is only JUST big enough they most likely will not use the bathroom in the crate unless it was an emergency.

  2. katy heatherly says:

    I’m not an expert or anything but i recently potty trained my pup using the crate training technique.. I think the first crucial step is making sure your pup know she’s not in there as a punishment.. some ways you can do this is by feeding her in there during the day or getting her to go in her crate by letting her sniff a treat in your hand and then tossing it into the crate. Also, an IMPORTANT part not mentioned in this vid is the crate needs to be only large enough for the dog to walk in

  3. MyNatural WayX says:

    My big dogs don’t have crates and are toilet trained. But I know little dogs are notorious for being hard to toilet train so I recently got my bichon fries pup and got her a crate and oh my she does not shut up aaaaall night long. I yell I ignore. Nothing works and worst of all she fouls in it every time which is so disgusting. Im finding her alot more harder to train than my big dogs. Any advice?

  4. sakatis says:

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