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Look at this crazy cute Golden Retriever – trying to escape out from the backyard.  You can imagine how he feels after escaping to freedom and spare a thought for the one left in the yard-☺

Dexter really, really, really, wants to be with his human family. I set up a camera to see how he’s getting out.

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5 Responses to “Crazy Golden Retriever Jumping Over The Fence”

  1. Walessaarthur says:


  2. Koolguy713roy says:

    aahhh so cute my dog can clim fences faster though watch my video

  3. dtdan65 says:

    It should do for a normal dog.. but buddy loves me soooo much he would do anything to get over. I have 6 dogs, three goldies and three corgis and I find 4ft with barbed as a top wire does the trick. You can see the high security area in the background. That’s where they go when they are on heat or storms predicted. Those are the things that usually make them climb a fence.

  4. ZIGGY ZIEGLER says:

    Just getting ready to install fencing for a golden. The last fence guy swears 4′ will do it. What do YOU say? This was a funny and good video. Thanks for posting.

  5. ColbieBear says:

    I love your dogs! hahaha

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