Dino the Golden Retriever – My Clever Little Boy


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This Golden Retriever shows intelligence by simply obeying the command of his boss/dog owner. I love dogs like him; very interesting and really cool.

I training my Golden Retrieve Dino on how to roll-over on the floor. Please watch and share this to your Facebook Friends.

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5 Responses to “Dino the Golden Retriever – My Clever Little Boy”

  1. Hayden Howard says:

    No clothes !!!!!!

  2. MrDermo95 says:

    Don’t put clothes on the dog, it’s unfair. Golden retrievers have a thick layer of fur so it’s really unnecessary to put on silly looking clothes.

  3. Paumonsu says:

    You shouldn’t dress dogs

  4. tapatia0131 says:

    Dino you´re a beautiful dog!!!
    I love your videos!! 5***** always for you!!
    Love Jacko

  5. rongchi says:

    Hi riiankaa, thanks for your comment! Love, Dino

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