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Do you want a friend you can count on? A Golden can be a very good friend. Aside from that most Golden Retrievers are good swimmers. Many Golden Retrievers love the water so much that they will get their face wet no matter where they are. If you live near the beach, your Golden will be a happy camper. Or just turn on the hose and have a blast!

2 yr. old golden retriever loves to swim and go under water to try to get the jet. Her record for holding breath is 15 seconds.

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5 Responses to “Do You Want A Friend You Can Count On?”

  1. Cherie TurkishTravel says:

    Isn’t the chlorinated water dangerous if he ingests too much?

  2. pigsinblankets941 says:

    haha aw love it

  3. Raw Cloud l Leader says:

    There’s a water jet under. He is playing with it

  4. roblox111able says:

    May be he likes Diving under water.. or he likes to put his head in the water…

  5. Kelly Martin says:

    why is he sticking his head underwater so many times?

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