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I wanna cuddle with this cute Golden Retriever and wake him up. What else can you say?? He’s just so cute – we can’t resist the fact.

Rosco and Scarlet’s 2 week old puppy dreaming.  Share to you friends so they can give comment as well.

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5 Responses to “Dreaming Cute Puppy”

  1. Greg Scott says:

    Oh The Places You’ll Go!!

  2. Lena Fuchs says:

    Glad to have one.I <3 labs!

  3. Purpleamythstone purple says:

    I have died and gone to puppy heaven!!!!

  4. 1S3CofyourL1fe says:

    Oh god. this feeling you have if run in a dream but cant move forward. I once heard that you are actually move your legs but you cant get forward cause your sheet is hindering you.
    yeah the puppy also is adorable

  5. Royseisagirl says:

    Awwwwww! What else can you say??

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