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The Golden Retrievers are relatively active indoors and do best in an average area. They need lots of daily exercise like long walk, jog etc.

Eldo – Our golden retriever is a very cute dog . He knows lots of tricks and he can do counting and addition too.

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5 Responses to “Smart And A Talented Golden Retriever I’ve Seen”

  1. JenniferlaazJL17 says:

    He is such a good boy

  2. TownieFarmer says:

    Awesome!! 🙂

  3. TheSuperMegaHyper says:

    this reminds me of the golden retriever we used to have.

    If you put a treat on top of his snout, he wouldn’t eat it until you gave him permission.
    He would literally stand there for ages (didn’t try past 10 minutes but he had unbelievable self control and patience) until he got permission.

    When you said “you can take it” he would flip it in the air with his snout and eat it.
    My father trained him well. Such a lovely dog. I still miss him.

  4. Aman Dahiya says:

    Hey Sunil!
    i really like Eldo, and find him very adorable..All Goldens in general…

    But i just wanted to ask…
    I need a dog who can also guard our house,and keep the burglars scared away….I really want to get a Golden but i read they are not good guard dogs..
    Please advice me…how does eldo react to strangers around house. or maybe if u ever had a burglar experience with him?

  5. minwen200 says:

    Supee cute

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