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Golden Retrievers are a breeze to train. They are people-pleasers and will do anything for a bit of praise and some food.

Though they are naturally even tempered and don’t need hours of exercise, their large size makes them unsuitable for apartments. They need a lot of room to move around, and confinement is unfair to a Golden Retriever.

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5 Responses to “Enticing Beauty Of Golden Retriever Puppies”

  1. ninetailedfox123123 says:

    they work at petsmart

  2. BrittleProductions says:

    Too cute! 

  3. J. Bitter says:

    krijg hier nooit genoeg van, zo lief,,,

  4. screwstonetxs713 says:

    So cute

  5. Chloe Manning says:

    81 people are heartless fiends… the cuteness is just killing me!

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