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Exercise not only has benefits of its own, it also reduces your dog’s risk of obesity. Aim for a thirty minutes walk with your Golden Retriever twice a day. Your dog may also benefit from some organized play time with a ball or frisbee. Exercise also helps to keep your dog mentally challenged which can reduce his stress level.

Goldeny is a talented, 1 year old, female Golden Retriever! A really loving, sweet, beautiful, obedient, Golden Girl! She is currently learning new tricks with her ”owner”/trainer/best friend, Fabiola, and enjoying her day with all her family. Golden Retriever, Goldeny, performing Amazing Dog Tricks!!!

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5 Responses to “Exercise Your Golden Retriever Daily”

  1. Marynure says:

    Oh Goldeny you are a very smart sweet dog, I’m happy to see that your mommy
    likes to spend time with you and take such wonderful care of you. 🙂

  2. Faye Nelson says:

    This is very Awesome! Did you train him? How long it took till he learned
    all of these?

  3. GoldenyGolden says:

    Thank You so Much!

  4. GoldenyGolden says:

    Thank You!

  5. Abolfazl Khoshnama says:

    good job lady

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