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Golden Retriever owners should give their dogs enough exercise to keep them fit and to run off the ebullience that is their birthright.  Obedience training is also important for Golden Retrievers.

The Golden Retriever is a breed of dog, historically developed as a gundog to retrieve shot waterfowl and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties.

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3 Responses to “Fun Golden Retriever Facts”

  1. Minecraftwolfies says:

    So cute! Are they all yours? Subscribed and liked! 🙂

  2. SexySheerah says:

    I have a golden boy age 11 months and going to be 1 year in a few days time and a lab girl of 7 months going to be 8 in a few days time too and I am ashamed to say I favour the golden boy more than the lab girl. Sometimes I feel like a stepmother 🙁 treating the golden boy extra better than the lab girl.

  3. DuneAquaViva says:

    Great beautiful dogs…I have one too…

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