German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Puppy Playing


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These two breeds are just having such a good time with each other.  Remember what Confucius said, ‘from much laughing comes crying’.  Let’s hope that is not the case here.  – I’m sure they’re good friends.

Simon (GSD) and WIley (Golden) playing. I shot the video with our still camera, and something was wrong with the shutter…hence the clicking 🙂 thanks for watching!

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5 Responses to “German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Puppy Playing”

  1. TheCathyDream says:

    He’s so FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!!!

  2. dave wehr says:

    your camera sounds like a typewriter lol

  3. pokemonmaster201212 says:

    I think you dried the golden retriever for a little too long… Cutest puppy!

  4. tscottme says:

    “SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY, Championship Indoor Doggy Wrestling!”

  5. ThatCuriousArtist says:

    He’s just POFFY…he’ll grow into it.

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