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Loving watching her; this Golden Retriever is so gorgeous. I love her running on the field, with the slow-motion video together with a great choice in music adds another dimension to the experience.  This is not the average homemade video it is a very well made video that you will really enjoy watching.

The beautiful and gracious golden retriever Izzy running Josh, John, and Rachel. Good at the golden, not so good at the retriever. Izzy running around in the field.

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4 Responses to “Golden on the Run”

  1. Lax1900 says:

    We feed it dog food!

  2. Lax1900 says:

    Don’t we all?? What a beautiful dog

  3. Suraj Sunny says:

    hi, what u feed u r dog, he is very well built……

  4. Suraj Sunny says:

    i love golden retriever, i love your dog (golden retriever)………

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