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This is the main reason why they are many people’s choice for a pet. Golden Retrievers are energetic and quite versatile, which is why Golden Retriever agility is important. Due to its loyalty and high level intelligence the dog has emerged as the most popular breed for agility. It was initially bred for retrieving game, which is well depicted in its name. With time, the qualities have been used in tracking people in disasters, finding bombs and drugs, and as pets in most homes.

Many dogs simply have too much energy, some need the edge taken off an aggressive edge. It evens any dog’s temperament. Movement is the key to a balanced happy dog.

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One Response to “Golden Retriever Agility Is Important.”

  1. DogTreadPro says:

    @easypenny This dog is being shown and is checked out by vets/x-ray,
    breeder and all the protocol. However, I find your comment interesting in
    that the fact the way dog moves can be overlooked. I will pass on your
    comment to the dog owner and have her pursue checking it out. Thank you for
    your comment.

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