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Always eager to please their owners, Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent and remarkably beautiful dogs. The characteristics of this breed make them the perfect guide, assistance or search and rescue dogs, but they also make great hunting dogs.

Video of our 15-month-old golden retriever babysitting our 7-month-old daughter. See how the Dog cares on the Baby.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Caring A Newborn Baby”

  1. lilcurly3 says:

    wow that kid is certainly not camera shy!!!

  2. mary frenette says:

    Cute baby and cute dog but that is not a newborn. Newborns can’t sit up.

  3. greatidea11 says:

    This goldie seems like a lazy dog. He is not playful, but he’s cute and caresses the baby.

  4. cantabileloves says:

    baby tries to grab goldie’s tongue! cute! ;-D and your goldie has such a sweet temperament! they’ll be best friends.

  5. kathryncabiao says:

    The baby’s sooooo cute!!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD 😀 Also the dog <3 <3 <3

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