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Your Golden Retriever Dog  needs space, and lots of it, both in-house and out. A yard is a must, and good fencing is preferred. If you want to live with a Golden Retriever, make sure that you have space for him. Moreover, your Golden will not exercise without you. You are his incentive to romp and play.

These little guys are 7 1/2 weeks old in the video. They all need good homes! Very healthy, loving little guys. 5 males and 3 females. North West Arkansas, South West Missouri.

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3 Responses to “Golden Retriever Dog Need Space Both In-House And Out”

  1. starsweet4 says:

    are they all adopted?

  2. aroodawakening says:

    Cute Puppies! thanks for subscribing!

  3. tania Olstrom says:

    so cute!!

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