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Dogs are different from people, and the difference becomes obvious when you’re deciding on the technique to use for you Golden Retriever dog training. These animals are wonderful, but they simply don’t respond the same way as people and they don’t understand right from wrong. What they do know how to do is respond, and their responses are guided by how you treat them. If something a Golden Retriever does causes you to have a negative reaction, the dog will realize that behavior is wrong and will tend to avoid doing it again in the future.

Jeter is casting to three palettes. He is learning to go away from the reward he wants to get the reward he wants. He is not stuck on a food lure. He is learning to take directions to a remote target, to sit on the target and wait for another direction, working on recall all at the same time.

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  1. Andrew Greenstein says:

    i love to see dogs working great start for a great pup!

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