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The Golden Retriever is a relatively modern and very popular breed of dog. Today it is one of the most common of family dogs since it is easy to handle. Goldens are active and fun-loving and they are noted for their affection for people. Most Goldens require lots of companionship to be happy. Due to their intelligence, they do well in obedience trials and make excellent assistance dogs.

Maddie and Roxy looking for G! Golden Retrievers Playing Hide and Seek

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4 Responses to “Golden Retriever Dogs Require Lots Of Companionship To Be Happy”

  1. Mick Gast says:

    This is great. We play hide & Seek with our two Golden’s only one of us

  2. MsLoriGold says:

    Your Goldens are beautiful! I have to laugh because in my small condo, I am
    like a big kid & will play hide and seek with my Golden puppy Kula. I’ll
    direct him to his pen-crate area with a treat, then scoot & hide (believe
    it or not it can be done in a tiny place) maybe behind the kitchen trolley,
    behind a door in in the bathtub…I shout out ‘find me!’, he comes
    barreling out looking for me, so PROUD when he does LOL!! We start over
    again & the first place he looks is the last place I was! 😛

  3. John Anderson says:

    You’re dog is beautiful. I love Golden’s.

  4. fab waby says:

    Cute but all I heard was the dog pant pant lol but cute

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