Golden Retriever Having Hydrotherapy Re-Education


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I just can’t imagine that there’s such a kind of treatment like this for a dog; I hope the water was warm-☺ What a wonderful way to treat an dog after an operation.

Golden Retriever having Hydrotherapy Re-education in a Vet Centre, in Chalamont, Ain, France, two months after an operation of a ligament tear on her right back leg.  The treatment includes a session of four.This helps to recover muscle mass and strength, and get back to normal dog life, with no limping left, after nearly two months of required rest.
She’s a lovely dog … and though aged nine years soon … still with a somewhat ” pup face” !
As she is really crazy about water, she enjoyed it a lot and then just lay down under the vet’s desk after the exercise … as if she wanted to stay there with her ( smile ) !!!

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