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In the home the Golden Retriever is a thoroughly pleasant dog with which to live. They are devoted to their families and they love children. They make great companions for families who have kids. They are active dogs and they do require regular exercise but they are happy to do whatever the family is doing. Since Golden Retrievers are so intelligent they can learn anything you want to teach them. They also make great therapy dogs if you would like to work on this certification with your dog so the two of you can visit kids in schools and nursing homes together.

Quo Quo smiles in his dream. My Golden Retriever smiles  in his dream.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Is A Thoroughly Pleasant Dog With Which To Live”

  1. Dave Chan says:

    My Quo QUo passed away last year, this video was taken while he was 10. Not
    much regret as I had taken lots of his video. No worry, your dog always
    staying in your heart….

  2. Jason Situ says:


  3. Dave Chan says:

    Thank you! Yes I agree we both gave each others good memory, my dog is boy,
    his name is Quo Quo that his mind just like human. I miss him so much, it
    will be emotional during his birthday….

  4. Dave Chan says:

    @Dogsrock50 My dog passed away last March, he was 15, in this video he was
    just around 11. Take it easy, do something for memory, will make you feel

  5. Patricia Bianco says:

    I love the gentle smiles they get in their sleep. My Golden, Prince, passed
    away last year, and this is the type of shot I wish I’d taken.

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