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Golden retrievers need a lot of attention of else they will actually get sad and lonely. The are very social dogs and need interaction with people or other dogs frequently. The Golden Retriever is very playful and this breed is highly regarded for its love of human companionship. Faithful and obedient, the Retriever is also amongst the easiest to train.

A 4 month old golden retriever pulls the leash of the 4 yr-old labrador retriever to walk and exercise coz the labrador retriever needs to lose weight.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Is Very Playful”

  1. nomberone614 says:

    sure that the golden is 4 months? I calculate about 6 or 7 months is too
    big for 4 months

  2. Misha Guduma says:

    Good day! I’m Matthew.I did -25 lbs last 2 month.Go to hddiet.gs#M5cU

  3. Mudskipper Queen says:

    awww so cute and funny at the same time

  4. viceadmiralcongo says:

    cute. that is also one seriously overweight lab. You should go for more

  5. Ryan Tucker says:

    my golden retriever does the same thing!!

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