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Happy birthday dear Max! Your cake looks delicious and yummy. Your parents are happy to share this special day with you; you are their baby and their friend. I wish you the best in the world, you’re a good boy, and I wish you health and love always.

Max enjoying his all natural liver bone cake. Once a year he gets spoiled.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Loves Cake”

  1. kalia4me says:

    He even says ITS LIVER BONE CAKE!

  2. kalia4me says:

    It’s NOT CHOCOLATE!read the description!DUH!

  3. Genniie Rose says:

    hahaha he dosent want the little pieces he just wants the whole cake at once. Sooo cute ^_^

  4. Genniie Rose says:

    if you woudve actually watched the video, Or maybe just even read the description you’d know it’s liver cake. Who’s the bitch now? XD

  5. Clawsniper Awp says:

    Dont give dogs choc u stupid bitch

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