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Golden Retriever loves football. My Golden Retrievers are built for action and love outdoor romps. My Golden Retriever is happy to join you. And if you feel like tossing a ball in the backyard, they’d be more than happy to join you; true to their name, Goldens love to retrieve.

Georges, the Golden Retriever loves watching Monday Night Football with his owner. Being from Minnesota, he’s a Vikings fan! Its look like that my Golden Retriever loves to watch a football game!


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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Loves Football”

  1. NLEliteGamerBE says:

    He was a human before he became a dog :p

  2. miamidolphin3 says:

    You know he loves football when your jumping around for falcons vs jets

  3. xXkillerXx619 says:


  4. maty segovia says:


  5. weetardface says:

    That dog is a bigger fan of football than i am…and i’m a big fan of
    football! xD

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