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Outgoing and social, the Golden Retriever makes a loyal family pet. Their sweet dispositions make them patient and gentle with children and they are generally tolerant of other pets. It is important to remember that they are excitable as pups, and can accidentally knock children over while playing. Aggressiveness in well-bred Golden Retrievers is not common, but improper breeding can raise the chances of aggression issues.

The beautiful and gracious golden retriever Izzy running Josh, John, and Rachel. Good at the golden, not so good at the retriever.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Makes A Loyal Family Pet”

  1. Josep Carreras says:

    beautiful dog!

  2. Lax1900 says:

    Don’t we all?? What a beautiful dog

  3. Suraj Sunny says:

    hi, what u feed u r dog, he is very well built……

  4. Lax1900 says:

    We feed it dog food!

  5. Suraj Sunny says:

    i love golden retriever, i love your dog (golden retriever)………

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