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One of the high ranked dogs or one of the top among of the popular dogs; Golden Retrievers are also one of the most beloved dogs.  They are very versatile; they can show excellent working relationship with their owner.  This is just part of what I’ve learnt from this video. This might be helpful to all Golden Retriever lovers.

Could this be the perfect family pet? Watch this video and you can share this to your friend. Let’s spread-out the good news about Golden Retrievers.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever: One Of The Most Beloved Dog”

  1. Hash Ala says:

    How the hell did I end up in animal planet videos! and how the hell am I gonna get outta here!

  2. Tina Xu says:

    Are golden retriever good breeds?

  3. etiscool1 says:

    My labrador is named Daisy.

    I’ve had her for 11 years; and she is still like a puppy.

    She is the most gorgeous dog anyone could wish for.

    Labs and Golden Retrievers are among my favourite breeds of dog.

  4. Abby Yang says:

    Love it

  5. osakan526 says:

    I want one India

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