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This breed seems to shine in obedience competitions. Although Golden Retrievers are unlikely to attack they do make excellent watchdogs and will signal owners loudly if a stranger was to approach. Golden Retrievers are friendly towards other dogs and family pets.

Golden Retrievers enjoy pleasing their owners, so obedience training can be very interesting and fun for both owner and dog. They love to be around people and if isolated, or left alone for long periods of time, the Golden Retriever can become destructive.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Pastel Paiting”

  1. Tejas Nair says:

    When I saw the video I thought it was you drawing on a dog with pastels

  2. LIAN TERESA says:


  3. LIAN TERESA says:


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  5. kenzihorse says:

    Atnfirst I thought you were actually painting a dogs different color

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