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This Golden Retriever puppy will always gonna be puppy. He will bring the nature of being a crazy puppy. Golden Puppies are the most cutest puppy in the world for me. They will run happily on the field and act like crazy cute Golden Retriever puppy. From this stage you should start training him so as he grow old he will bring those learning he acquired from you and by that you will raise a perfect dog that everybody is aiming for.

Boomer’s first days at home. These are the sweetest… And of course we had to put all his movements to his favorite song by John Mayer- Wildfire. This little guy couldn’t get enough of this song!

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Puppies Are The Cutest Dog In The World”

  1. lauren dixon says:

    i have a video of my dog like this hes a westie called eric 🙂

  2. Iftak Nayeem says:

    pretty cute eh<3

  3. thecrown45 says:

    Lovely creature.. love goldens so much!

  4. Jaime Gillis says:

    Brings me back to when mine was a baby! so sweet 🙂

  5. Scarlet Payne says:


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