Golden Retriever Puppies Playing and Crying For Mama


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I’m sure that they are looking for their mom cause they feel hungry. They want their mom’s fresh milk and mom’s hug – but seems that their mom doesn’t care at all. LOL

Born June 19, 2012 (4 Weeks Old). I love these puppies, I will sure to them that I will take good care of them.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Puppies Playing and Crying For Mama”

  1. Emily Ball says:

    there looking for their mom so they can eat

  2. Darken NoShinka says:


  3. lsmith1983 says:

    Hi! Sorry for my delayed response. All of the puppies from this litter have been spoken for. I’m sorry.  Please feel free to contact Bob Clarke with Birch Hollow Goldens in Anaheim. He owns the Sire from this litter and has upcoming litters planned. Thanks for you comment!

  4. blue4penguins911 says:

    How much are these puppies? I live in Cypress, California so I’m willing to go to San Diego to take one home with me!

  5. BelieveinBelaball says:

    How much do you want?? SO CUTE!!

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