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Golden Retriever puppies swarm Mama and Papa.This golden retriever is an athletic and a strong dog and in fact Golden Retrievers are everybody’s best friend. Golden Retrievers always love to play and play and even I wanted to play with them LOL. Just saying what I felt from this video.These are my Very friendly Golden Retriever

Ten golden retriever puppies swarm their mother, then their father. Every family should be this happy! Bella, Cap’n Jack and their ten beautiful pups!

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Puppies Swarm Mama and Papa”

  1. Jil Takia says:

    Puppy attack ,, ahhahah beautifull video
    but the Mom look lil skinny

  2. Alisha Topping says:

    At 1:52 when the dad jumps on the two puppies

  3. MackAvenueVeteran says:

    Its good to see a nigga spendin time wit his kids…

  4. MrHooper1050 says:

    I lost my golden two weeks ago after 13 1/2 years. Hardest thing I ever
    went through.
    Thank you for this video. Watched it several times. Brings a smile every

  5. Toa Sully says:

    I started to breed golden retrievers so I can sell them to make money. That
    way I can pay some bills

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