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Golden Retriever puppy listening to me play guitar. My Golden Retriever puppy are very affectionate puppy and extremely playful. And as a result it is important to be aware of them as they play with little children. Even though they can still inflict injuries through scratching and biting even when unintentional. As a result, Golden puppies need lots of social interaction and lots of exercise on a daily basis.

Hudson listening to me play guitar. My puppy is so cute listening while I played guitar. My puppy was so silent listening to me.


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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Puppy Listening To Me Play Guitar”

  1. super sexy man says:

    What song? TABS? TAAAAAAAAABS?

  2. Ryan Teo says:

    Man’s best friend

  3. Wabadebadoo Olelikemjoel says:

    What brand is the guitar?

  4. Raisa Shams says:

    i am jealous of this puppy’s life.

  5. barteleif says:

    Does this song have a name, or is it just something he made up? It’s

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