Golden Retriever Training And Breed Information


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Golden Retrievers are dogs with good heart, very intelligent  and as stated Golden Retrievers are easy to train. They are so willing to work with the people they bonded with, they are very friendly as well. These dogs also runs tirelessly all day. I got lots of information from this Video so have to watch this also. Enjoy!

The Golden Retriever Puppies are lovable,intelligent and well mannered pet dog. They are easy to train and very gentle with children. Obedience training for this breed is very rewarding since Golden Retrievers enjoy pleasing their masters. Hunt, tracking, retrieving and performing tricks are just some of the of the talents of the Golden Retriever.

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  1. robotizm says:

    No. They are way too friendly, if anything the golden would help a burglar in robbing your home.

  2. loloHD718 says:

    Are Golden Retriever able to be a guarding dog?

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