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An awesome Golden Retriever walking down in the Park and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. It was absolutely good for him to walk around so the he will feel the freshness of the area and meet other dogs. The audio also brings good vibes to the listener and that’s perfect.

Dino takes you to the annual flower show at Da An Park in Taipei.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Walking Down On The Park”

  1. ruapraia says:

    Thanks Dino, good job boy!

  2. kaitoon314 says:

    Hey, it’s beautiful Sunday with Dino…

  3. juicyprincess1000 says:

    verry nice!!!cute dog too!!!

  4. rongchi says:

    Hi bow0down0junior, thank you so much! Love, Dino

  5. bow0down0junior says:

    Nice golden!

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