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Retrievers are also intelligent dogs and have a natural eagerness to please their human masters. Golden Retrievers are a very well-liked breed to have as a family dogs, because they are sociable and good natured, with children of all ages. Some of the time, your training process might become tiresome or annoying for you and your dog, but don’t lose hope, training your Golden Retriever will be worth the effort.

My golden retriever Ryder playing soo good with his 8 week old daughter Emma.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retriever Will Be Worth The Effort”

  1. Vanessie Tenkou Sephiroth says:

    how cute…. ^_^

  2. TimeWarpLady says:

    Like alpha and omega wolves in a pack, it’s not hard to see the lineage.
    Parental patience at its finest! Thanks for posting this. It’s heartwarming.

  3. Kasia9707 says:

    so sweet ; )

  4. sisinka03 says:

    How old is Ryder?

  5. beebeebeebs says:

    I could watch them play all day long

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