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Golden retrievers are a sociable, people-loving breed that make great pets for families with young children.  Aside from their amiable personalities, golden retrievers are also obedient and relatively easy to train. Unfortunately, like many other recognized breeds, golden retrievers have their share of genetic weaknesses and caring for them can be high maintenance. Exercise, interaction and regular visits to a veterinarian are all necessary to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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10 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Are A Sociable, People-Loving Breed”

  1. ZZBlue Comet says:

    I lost my 16-year old Golden this week, RIP my wonderful Jake!

  2. Gracie Lardizabal says:

    Finally HD! 😀

  3. dim kampra says:

    He lived 16 years then he lived more than the life expectancy of the breed
    so be proud of him(like i see that you are!!)and remember the wonderful
    moments that i am sure that he gave you and don’t feel sad for him cause he
    lived a full life with you and i can see that you really loved your and
    that for a dog is a blessing!!Apart from the above a loss is loss therefore
    i express you my condolences!

  4. Ian Lester says:

    I have a golden. It’s just like what they sais in the video. And he’s
    really cute.

  5. Desirée B says:

    D’aww, If I get a dog, I would have a golden retriever x3

  6. Sofia Iturralde says:


  7. nikeey bajimaya says:

    😮 i love this dog <3

  8. DeadlySpartan9 says:

    Lies they do have a smelly breath

  9. SakuraFoxFurry says:

    American Pitbull Terriers make better pets.

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