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Golden Retrievers are usually lovable, sweet, loyal, confident, well mannered and eager to please. They are patient and gentle with children. They are intelligent, easily trained and excel in obedience competitions. They make an outstanding family dog and are very attached to their owners and enjoy pleasing them. They are friendly, even towards strangers and other dogs, with very little guarding instincts, however, do make good watchdogs and will loudly signal a stranger’s approach. These dogs love to swim and love to work, with the ability to focus on a given task, and will work until collapse.

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  1. DA0470 says:

    Whoever despises this should have their faces licked by these adorable
    puppies for 24 hours straight!!

  2. David Holland says:

    aren’t thay so ccuuttee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mithoo2006 says:


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  5. Darian Pierre says:

    Your all idiots they aren’t cute -_- . THEIR

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