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The Golden Retriever is a very popular pet dog that pretty much gets along with everybody. This breed will be great friends, not only with its family, but with strangers too. The Golden Retriever gets along well with all people, including children and strangers. It also does very well with other dogs, as well as virtually every other type of pet. Golden Retrievers are famously easy to train. They are highly intelligent and aim to please. The Golden Retriever is a devoted, responsible dog breed. Gentle and easy to train, this sporting dog enjoys retrieving and is superb with children.

Sebastian our new Golden Retriever puppy retrieves his favorite ball, sits, down & rolls over . We’ve only had him one week incredibly smart breed with nerves of steel.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Are Famously Easy To Train”

  1. jake doesgaming says:

    so cute the most adorable thing i have ever seen

  2. Jamie Webb says:

    Hi I was blessed beyond words 7 weeks ago when someone left a 4.5 week old
    golden retriever puppy in my driveway. I have been working with him to
    “sit”, “down” and “fetch” as well as crate training him. Do you have any
    suggestions that you are doing that might help me my puppy? He does well
    most every day with pottying outside, with only the occasional Peepee
    accident, so I’ve purchased a bell for him to ring when he has to go in the
    event I don’t have my “eye” on him when the need hits

  3. MREPICZ123 says:

    Omg I’ve just bought one he is called buddy and il love him:)))))

  4. Eric Bishop says:

    I’ll tell you where never to get a dog EVER, regardless of whatever they
    say: A pet store.

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