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Because of the Golden Retriever’s good demeanor, they are very popular as pets. Typically they are intelligent, calm, loving, athletic, and eager to please. They tend to be gentle towards kids and other animals as well and are often easy to train. Because they are so nice and un-aggressive, however, they are not the best guard dogs as they are generally nice to all people, even strangers.

Padme’ our Siamese cat does not like Oliver our Golden Retriever/Little River Duck Dog mix puppy 🙁

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Are Gentle Towards Kids And Other Animals”

  1. Sophie Ross says:

    She’s not hateful just sassy

  2. ZeBron23 says:

    dumbass cat

  3. blackoil911 says:

    wow the cat just slapped the poor doggy hahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Amygondor says:

    did the cat bitch-slapped the dog? How cat-like!

  5. Collins Crapo says:

    FYI, Padme is a she.

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