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As long as you can learn to deal with Golden Retriever temperament, they are fantastic dogs to own and also make good pets. This is a good dog to have around the home. It is caring, affectionate and a great canine friend of children. Golden retrievers are loving dogs and tend to become incredibly close to their owners. Note to remember also, you should be consistent in your training if you are to turn your aggressive golden retriever into an obedient, manageable and smart member of the family. Their eagerness to learn sets this breed of dogs apart. Once the golden retriever has mastered the training basics, you will notice that they enjoy learning. They have a natural intelligence that makes them learn fast.

British Golden Retriever – Temperament Test – Male 1 – Phoebe and Ivan DOB April 14, 2013. Inside in New environment -Unusual objects. Golden Retriever Puppy – Temperament Test – Inside Unusual Object- Male 1 – Phoebe and Ivan.

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