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The Golden was developed to be a working retriever, and that means a high level of activity is a must for these dogs. If not trained, socialized and exercised daily, the good-natured exuberance of these dogs – especially as adolescents and young adults – can be overwhelming, and even frightening to small children despite the dog’s best intentions to be (overwhelmingly) friendly. Goldens love everyone, and basic, early obedience training is a must for these big, rambunctious dogs. Fortunately, Goldens are very easy to train, and a small investment of time when the dog is young will pay off when he’s full-grown. He will readily sit on command, walk on a leash without pulling and come when called.

The Golden Retriever is an eager, intelligent, gentle family dog. They love their family and are great with children. In this Golden Retriever book we will explore their temperament, their health issues and their origins.

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