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Golden retrievers are well known for their temperament. Kindness, loyalty, devotion, and an eagerness to please are characteristics of this breed. A Golden is very aware of the moods of its owner, and responds with extraordinary sensitivity. What a Golden Retriever needs most is the emotional maintenance that comes from being with his owner and family, being an integral part of the family, the Golden’s pack. Goldens are excellent with children.

Talini Golden Retrievers was visiting O’Cribbs Golden Retrievers on March 18, 2008. Cali, my daughter Kelsey, my son Kyle, and I very much enjoyed visiting & socializing with beautiful little Bessie, that was imported from Cassovia Treasure Golden Retrievers located in Slovakia.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Are Well Known For Their Temperament”

  1. kyleclause says:

    Such a playful, fun white puppy…. and the doggies too!

  2. talinigoldens says:

    Bessie is so white & so beautiful!!!!

  3. HorseLoverAis says:

    I have one of those types of dogs

  4. Kevin Moran says:

    what are the dogs breed name? are they just golden retrievers?

  5. talinigoldens says:

    @C1337Sremix We do have puppies at the moment, but they all have homes
    waiting for them. Our next litter will be in 2012.

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