Golden Retrievers – Benefits of Training


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Golden Retriever’s are a calm breed and so would be a breed that might be well suited from that point of view.  Please have the chance to take a look on this video.

An introduction to training your Golden Retriever dog or puppy, and the benefits it can bring you both.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers – Benefits of Training”

  1. Charlie Loc says:

    My husband used to have 2 golden retriever and we got one few months ago. He is a most smrat dog i’ve ever train my mylife. They are good with kids and so smart , sometime too smart that he try to trick me :).

  2. Subarudud3 says:

    We had a golden retriever that was 4 who had his own personality. We didn’t see him as a pet we saw him as a family member. I suggest this breed to anyone looking for a dog!

  3. eezerik says:

    Thanks. Any recommendations? Greater Los Angeles area, the ones I seen are for show….and they’re expensive ….$2000!

  4. jposh707 says:

    Cuuuute! I want one!

  5. JackKangaroo1 says:

    These are great dogs. I grew up with working breeds—German Shepherds and Dobermans—and didn’t think a retriever breed would ever hold much interest for me. But after getting to know several Golden Retrievers I can see now why they have become so popular. They are intelligent, loving animals that are also robust and strong. I’ve come to admire them a lot and I can’t think of a better family dog, especially with small children, than a Golden Retriever.

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