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Golden Retrievers usually get along well with other pets. They are easygoing and affectionate, and as long as you give them enough attention and affection, can usually be integrated into the family with a minimum of fuss. These dogs even tend to be good with cats and livestock.

Golden Retriever puppies set a whole new standard for adorableness, and adult Golden Retrievers are beautiful, well-proportioned dogs with lovely coats of brilliant gold. Who could resist?

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5 Responses to “Best Training For Golden Retriever”

  1. xlandjsilvers says:

    My husband used to have 2 golden retriever and we got one few months ago. He is a most smrat dog i’ve ever train my mylife. They are good with kids and so smart , sometime too smart that he try to trick me :).

  2. Subarudud3 says:

    We had a golden retriever that was 4 who had his own personality. We didn’t see him as a pet we saw him as a family member. I suggest this breed to anyone looking for a dog!

  3. eezerik says:

    Thanks. Any recommendations? Greater Los Angeles area, the ones I seen are for show….and they’re expensive ….$2000!

  4. jposh707 says:

    Cuuuute! I want one!

  5. JackKangaroo1 says:

    These are great dogs. I grew up with working breeds—German Shepherds and Dobermans—and didn’t think a retriever breed would ever hold much interest for me. But after getting to know several Golden Retrievers I can see now why they have become so popular. They are intelligent, loving animals that are also robust and strong. I’ve come to admire them a lot and I can’t think of a better family dog, especially with small children, than a Golden Retriever.

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