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Today’s Golden Retrievers fall into two groups: show dogs and field dogs. Lovable, easygoing, pleasant companions, it is said that Golden Retrievers are born wanting to please. Always up for an adventure, Goldens are as at home hiking in the wild as they are curled up on the couch with their family. They are smart and sociable, understanding almost intuitively what’s desired of them from those around them. They get along fabulously with other pets, children, and people.

Watch Lottie and Jaunty play chase around our agility course. Golden Retrievers Playing at Birthday Party.

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2 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Fall Into Two Groups: Show Dogs And Field Dogs”

  1. Nick Kiefer says:

    Oh man those are BEAUTIFUL goldens! So fluffy and their tails, wow!

  2. HaylieGrace says:

    Aww, that is so beautiful 🙂

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