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Friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. They are sometimes aggressive to strangers. They have a good memory. They enjoy pleasing their masters, love to perform tricks, therefore, obedient training is recommended for them. Golden Retrievers generally love to work, and want to please their owner whether

Mark, our rescue Golden Retriever, during his last hours. He had been suffering from very advanced cancer of the bones and throat.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Generally Love To Work”

  1. Alex During says:

    I cryed

  2. Елена Залилова says:

    OMG I’m crying… very painful to lose pets ;((

  3. cubanarama says:

    So sorry for your loss…:-(

  4. Mila B says:

    i never cried so hard like this before
    i started crying at the start
    i’m so sad

  5. Andreea Joana says:

    i’m sure he had a happy life…:'( … this is my fear too ..if i’ll get a
    goldi.. one day i’ll have to say goodbye to the most loyal friend ever… 

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